Neurotoxins (Botox / Dysport) and Fillers

We smile with our eyes, talk through our skilled hands and give warmth through our hearts.

Spring Day Spa & Wellness Centre ensures all of our clients are under the care of skilled and caring hands.  Our Registered Nurse, Sandra, has been in practice for over 11 years, with experience in Emergency Medicine, Palliative Care and Project Management related to health and medicine.  Sandra developed a passion for Aesthetic Nursing, and under the supervision of a medical director assesses each client prior to treatment.  Sandra is detail-oriented, passionate about her work, and ensures all of her clients leave satisfied, confident, and refreshed
*All injections administered by an experienced RN. New patients consult with a supervising physician prior to their treatments.

Neurotoxins (Dysport/Botox)

$9.00 per unit

Facial Fillers

550.00 per syringe

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